Jump start down around the bay…

May 31, 2010

Obligatory packing photo. My technique consisted of moving piles around the living room, dividing them into other piles, moving them around some more, walking in quite a few circles and finally cramming things in bags. After these last few days, I must say one of my most favorite things has been packing my bags in new and more efficient ways each morning.

Lucky ducks leave on days like these...

Oh so familiar and exciting... the barn as I turned onto Palomares. I've always wanted to take a photo of this, but had never passed it with my camera on hand.

Camp one...

Bosco, Mayor of Sunol 1981-1994, and his first lady Jess, burrito mistress and greatest friend a girl could ask for on this first leg of adventure.

Calaveras Road...


2 Responses to “Jump start down around the bay…”

  1. A friendly neighbor said

    Man, if my house was that messy I’d go on a bike ride too!

  2. Rose Red said

    um. it appears as if you have not packed me in those piles. ❤

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