Big Sur to Guadalupe

June 19, 2010

After leaving my cozy spot next to the Big Sur Grange, I had a fantastic day cruising down highway 1.  Up down, up down, up down was the name of the game, with the right side of my body definitely getting considerably more sun colored than the left side.  Best buy stock in Skippy and Coppertone now kids!  I knew I had this one day to enjoy the coastal riding, because somewhere in the hours of the next day I knew I would take a turn east and head away from the ocean I had lived so happily next to for the last 3 plus years.  After dropping down out of Ragged Point, I head the familiar sound of a wheel whizzing behind me.  I looked once to see another cyclist, twice to notice it was another cyclist with panniers and a third time to recognize it as Bryan, a kid from Hayward I had met the day prior at a market.  “I have been thinking I’d catch up to you all day” he said.  I was most excited to have a buddy to ride with, and we continued on to San Simeon where he very nicely paid for my one and only camp in an organized campground and a beer.  After logging 70 miles that day, we were both quite tired and packed it in as early as possible.  The next day it was a mostly flat ride to San Luis Obispo were Bryan was catching the train back up to the East Bay.  Bryan…it was so great to meet you and get to ride with you!  When I tell people about you I say “If there were more people like Bryan in this world, it would be a better place.”  Keep enjoying the ride dude!

I spent the afternoon winding further down the coast, through Pismo Beach and Oceano, heading in the end to Guadalupe and finally, Santa Maria.  I camped again in a grove of Eucalyptus and was in no rush the next morning to leave as it just smelled so nice in there and the breezes were warm and soft.  I wish I could somehow attach all of the smells I get to experience to these posts.

After meeting up with fellow cyclist Bryan, we headed further down the 1, out of the windy hills that hugged the coast for so long.

Sections of the coast were just teaming with groups of elephant seals...

Bryan's tattoo...

The Garcia hermanos, in Oceano, who gave me quite an assortment of fruits and vegetables for $1.50. They were very excited to learn about the trip and helped me practice my spanish a bit while explaining to them what I was doing.

Thanks to the local produce options, dinner has been looking like this...

My mobile home parking spot for the evening...

Farm workers outside Guadalupe...

Tractor! Kelly: 78 Nobody: 0


One Response to “Big Sur to Guadalupe”

  1. Bryan said

    Thank YOU Kelly!!! Reading your story’s really motives me to plan more adventures. I read them with such happiness and admiration for you. Keep on keeping on….. I hope to travel the same roads one day…. I can just follow the empty ketchup bottles!!!!!!!! 🙂

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