Monterey to Big Sur

June 19, 2010

I made it to the outskirts of Monterey the evening I left the girls and nestled down under a big pine tree, only to awake to birds  sitting in branches less than a foot from my face, chirping away.  Quite a way to start!  I took off into Monterey, heading around the peninsula and back again down the 1.  Coastal riding at its finest from here on out!  Nothing but beautiful breezes and amazing sights as I made my way down to Big Sur.  I was later on invited to the Big Sur Grange for some dinner and prayer, where I met some great, great people.  Thanks you guys for the dinner and stories!  That night, I slept next to the grange and had my first showdown with a skunk.  Camping without a tent, I needed to make sure I was on guard with my surroundings.  Skunks however were not something I had really considered as a contender for my comfortable sleep space.  I was able to escape unsprayed and slept quite well.  I took my time the next morning, enjoying the wooded space to make tea and oatmeal and to do a little stretching before continuing on. 

The outstretch of Cannery Row in Monterey...


Snuggling seals...obviously a highlight of my day.


Scenery was okay....I guess. In the distance, the famous Bixby Bridge.


Another touring cyclist and self-proclaimed Renaissance Man, Ken.


Fellow camper...


The Big Sur Grange...where I ended up camping for the evening, after being invited to a Bible study (okay, I was roped in with the enticement of free food). Here I met such wonderful people, all Big Sur locals. We shared stories and I really had such a great time. I sang along and listen to their prayers, even offering up some of my own for my friends and family. I left feeling extra blessed, as my hands were held and I was prayed for over and over. This has been a reoccurring happening on the trip I may add.


Roadside signage...


Nope, I did not somehow capture a view from a dream I had that night. This was just one brief photo I stopped to take along the coast that day.


One Response to “Monterey to Big Sur”

  1. Jim Apodaca said

    Happy Birthday.
    Hope you all have a great time in Silver City. Hope your trip goes great. We had a good time at Beaverhead and it was a pleasure to meet both of you. If you all ever get back this way look us up. Take Care,

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