Hey! Wait a minute…this forest smells like pine!

June 22, 2010

After much rest and relaxation (and bellies full of all sorts of goodness!) we are back on the road and heading towards New Mexico!  We spent a few days in Flagstaff organizing gear, picking up odds and ends and hanging out with my pal Shark.  HUGE THANKS to Shark for the sleep spots, fantastic meals and great, great company.  Can’t wait to see you on the road Shark!  We took off late Sunday night, just as the 3rd fire in 2 days started to spread down from the San Francisco Peaks.  Now we are back to our leisure days of riding from fantastic campsite to fantastic campsite, stopping as much as we’d like to eat our various sandwich combinations, dip our toes in the streams and answer the friendly questions that come from folks we pass by.  We’ll be crossing into New Mexico tomorrow, with our next big stop being PIE TOWN!

Shark kickin' it couchside with Buddrah and Riley. Missing from photo.. Ava, the other furry friend we got to spend some time with.

Just one of the many amazing meals we devoured thanks to Shark. Later in the day there were tongue tacos that couldn't be beat.

Shark juicing it up at the Flagstaff Farmer's Market...

Oh-my-goodness! Fresh squeezed cucumber lemonade and watermelon juice...

Kurt showing exactly how good those juices are...

The view of the fire that had broke out amidst the peaks just as we started to head out.

The view of the fire spreading from about 25 miles away. As far as I know, it is unfortunately not completely contained.

Morning breakfast (a nice break from the usual oatmeal I might add)...

A typical northern Arizona forest landscape, after much hard work by the forest service to weed out the under brush and complete controlled burns. Keeping the land like this is one major defense against forest fires.

After a good bit of climbing, we were rewarded with this epic descent into Strawberry, and then further into Pine.

Hurray for Highway 64, a 24 mile dirt road that connected two other major highways. This was my longest off-road experience and I am completely hooked. The scenery absolutely cannot be beat, and the no car thing really makes this way of travel a shoe in.


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