Westernly once again…

July 2, 2010

Officially back on track, Kurt and I headed for Pie Town, NM, where we would eventually pick up the Continental Divide Mountain Bike Route that will take us down to the border and into the old Mexico.  In the meantime, our route found us on highways that took us over the border into the newer of the two Mexicos.  We did run into two other cyclists along the way, which is always an exciting thing when you are cruising along laden down with gear.  You can read about Ashley and Jonathan’s adventures here.  Other than that, we pretty much just enjoyed all of the endless beautiful southwestern scenery.

Just another picturesque side of the highway...

Contemplating the expanse of it all...

I can certainly say one of my favorite things thus far has been watching the moon in its growing phases each and every night. This night, paired with the clouds, it put on a glorious display.

Fire roasting some dumpstered pizza...

One of the best camp spots to date. It was very safari-like...

The joyous occasion of entering a new state...

Dropping down into New Mexico...

Some people may think I fell for his cunning witt and boyish good looks, but it's actually the site of these things that really get me...

Graveyard outside Quemando...


2 Responses to “Westernly once again…”

  1. Bryan said

    Happy belated birthday Kelly!!!

  2. Linda Ferrara said

    Enjoy your stay in our little town. There’s a lot to do and enjoy! We just love it here! Linda@silvercity-realestate.com

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