Gila Hot Springs…

July 9, 2010

After seeing it as a mere 28 mile round trip detour, we decidedly could not miss the Gila Hot Springs.  We arrived late one night after taking our time to meander up and over the mountain that separated us from them.  The next morning was, yup…my bday!  We decided to stay the whole day, soaking up the springs, eating pancakes, playing shipwreck victims and building forts and camping in an absolutely-hey!-hi!-way-to-bring-in-yer-27th-year fantasticness.

Hot springs...



And there we were...

Kurt soaking it up...

Birthday breakfast...pancakes!

Quite a spot to ring in your 27th year I think...

Carmelizing some onions on the fire...


2 Responses to “Gila Hot Springs…”

  1. Sandra Safadirazieli said

    Hi Kelly,
    I’ve been enjoying following your adventures. In Hebrew, Gila means joy, delight and exultation. It’s also the name of one of my cousins. It seems like your birthday was full of Gila. May that continue.

    • kellymariedonlan said

      Thanks for following the adventures Sandra! One thing I forgot to mention in the post…I did get in my 27 good luck back bends that day. Much of that birthday relaxation found my doing some long overdue stretching and I’m happy to say that Kurt has been joining in the yoga routine as well. Thanks for the Gila info! Hope all is well in the Bay Area and you’ve got some summer adventures to enjoy as well.

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