How to break your own heart in 5 easy steps…

September 5, 2010

Step 1- Have a tiny spotted dog wander into your campsite in the morning and, upon witnessing her small frame and obvious rib cage, decide a day started with a bit of water and a stale tortilla would be a good idea...

Step 2- After spending a bit of time together, maybe or maybe not having gently rubbed her behind her little ears, have her attend to your every move as you pack up for the morning...

Step 3- Attempt to leave like it's no big thing...

Step 4- Get trailed. Try and convince yourself it is only the food she wants, not you, just the food, just the food...

Step 5- After about 5 kilometers, realize she means business and consider which of those winter clothes can be tossed to make room in your pannier...

*It was tough, but we eventually lost her around a bend way too far down the road.


One Response to “How to break your own heart in 5 easy steps…”

  1. shoebert said

    i’ve read this one so many times.
    oh sweet dog.

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