La Presa…

September 5, 2010

Excited at the prospects of doing some fishing, Kurt and I made our way out towards Presa Lazaro Cardenas. We had about 80 kilometers to cover that day and we stayed on it best we could hoping to reach the lake just as the sun was dropping and the mosquitoes were swarming.  It all worked out perfectly.  The last 20 k or so was a serious descent of some amazingly picturesque paved road, dropping us into the town of El Palmito, located right on the lake.  We did our usual peruse through town, answering the typical questions and getting nice pats of the backs from elderly ladies before setting off again to find our spot.  As we wound around the lake, we were confronted with a huge damn (which we found out later had been closed off just that very morning).  The damn of course came with a huge barricaded building for government monitoring and somewhat of a concrete landing strip.  After that, there really was not much of a shore to spread out on and all of the sides just dropped off into huge craggy boulders before reaching the lake.  We decided to hop the railing and shuttle our stuff down and set up right on the patio.

Over these few weeks we’ve come to realize that it really doesn’t matter so much where you camp.  Granted there is a lot of of private land, we’ve yet to run into any trouble or anyone telling us we couldn’t camp somewhere.  Even on the private land, the farmers or ranchers usually just give us a nod and a wave and leave us alone.   Usually we hide off in the woods somewhere, looking for spots that will offer shade when we wake up and have our leisure morning time.  However, sometimes we’ve realized it is best to just camp in the open, making it clear of your presence.  We’ve been hidden way way out somewhere, with hardly a path in site, let alone any buildings or structures, and had visitors walk up on us out of nowhere, always just friendly and curious.  Then there have been other times when we’ve been right next to a highway, or on the edge of the heavily touristed canyon, and we’ve not encountered but one other person passing by to blink an eye.  And as with our experience of camping in the canyon, we decided some nights that it really was best to camp right out in plain view, with the thought in mind of “Hey, hi, here we are.  We know you have weed growing back around that corner and we want nothing to do with it.  We just want to get some rest and continue on in the morning.  Muchos gracias.”

So next to the lake we camped on the concrete, no undoubtedly the flattest spot we’ve had thus far, and Kurt cast out the line a few times in hopes of catching some fresh dinner.  I spent the time floating on my back, feeling truly weightless and oblivious to the rest of the surroundings except the darkening of the sky up ahead.

A perfect way to spend any afternoon...

Pure magic...

Kurt caught some little ones, but nothing sizable enough to justify a death in a frying pan...

Strapping down my panniers before heading out in the morning (Photo: Kurt)...

Another view...


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