San Luis Potosi…

September 25, 2010

San Luis Potosi had come up time and time again in conversation, and as it was on our way to the Biosphera, we decided to pay it a visit.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a pretty big sized lake not mentioned on our map about 20 kilometers outside the city and it didn’t take much for us to call it a day.  We set up camp for the evening, taking time to fish in a little drizzle and have a very sav-ory meal of spaghetti and red sauce, quite a rarity in Mexico.  We’d been saving this box of sauce for a while.  The ride into San Luis Potosi went from unnerving, as we had to ride on a freeway to get in, to excitingly comical, once we found there was a bike path, bound by little concrete walls, leading right down the center of the highway.  In it we took comfort, protected slightly from the colossal trucks passing on each side, and we cruised the 11 kilometers effortlessly toward the downtown.

I have to say that it was in this city that we encountered the most genuinely friendly people.  Everyone who stopped to ask us the usual (where are you from, where are you going) really wanted to know and took sometime listening to us butcher Spanish, asking us if we needed any place to stay, anything to drink or any local information.  One very helpful local, AG, even ran off and grabbed us a map of the area, which proved to be quite valuable over the course of the next week.

We had no intention of staying overnight in the city and we sat scratching our heads, staring bleary eyed at the computer screen in a café as it got later and later.  We were both growing a bit tired of the colonial cityscapes. As beautiful and breathtaking as they can be, they can get pretty redundant after while.  It was time for us to put some distance between us and what we felt like it was starting to become Spanish Colonial Tour 2010.

“What do we want to do next?”

One of the beauties of bike touring.  At any given moment, we can decide which way we want to go or what we want to do right and then.  We had heard about the Sierra Gorda range and planned to head there, but we had also just been given an onslaught of new information and names of places that were personally recommended as area favorites.  As we started to type in some of the names, we were bombarded with picture after picture of beautiful scenery.  Brilliantly colored waterfalls, lush cloud forests and mystical sculptures set amongst jungle green backdrops where just a few of the things we saw.

“Let’s go there!”

It was as easy as that.  We where adding a couple 100 kilometers to our trip and taking quite the zig zag way to head south, but it was a new plan that we would thank ourselves for over and over throughout the next week and a half.

An afternoon spent relaxing in a drizzle...

Trying to figure out how to get onto the highway...

...sometimes ends with just pushing the bikes up the embankment and hurtling them over the guard rail... face the daily travels of beasts like this...

To our delight, we got to ride in the middle of the highway, protected slightly on either side...

A bike shop we passed along the way which graciously let us put our wheels on their stand and get a little bike maintenance done...

Ooogling in progress. This was one of the nicest, most organized shops we had seen in Mexico thus far...

Enthusiastic school kids in San Luis Potosi. Most schools here require uniforms...

What goes on when school gets out...

I've mentioned the plazas we find in each town quite frequently before. Well, San Luis Potosi had plazas of many different kinds...

The "real" plaza of San Luis Potosi, Jardin Hidalgo...

Kurt perusing the pastry aisles, as usual...

2 Responses to “San Luis Potosi…”

  1. patti said

    hey guys….love all this travel info…how jealous am i … you overwhelm me with the beautiful scenery, you tire me with the thought of all that pedalling and you energize me to do things i have never done before
    keep safe, take care of each other

  2. Joani said

    WOW!! Need I say more ? So much fun to journey along with you, from the comfort of home !!
    Love your pix and your travel diary..can I be your literary agent ?
    Love to you ..have fun, be safe, wear suncreen and enjoy !
    PS not sure if Dad told you.. Tara and Colby engaged.!!

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