El Nacemiento…

October 7, 2010

Up next on our swim spot tour was El Nacemiento, located just outside the ripe and feisty fiesta-ing town of Chimalaco.  “El Nacemiento” translates quite literally as “the birth” and that is exactly what we got to see.  This refers to the massive amount of water that floods through as the river, after running and churning underground for miles, finally pokes its head out, spilling over rocks and meandering for all to see. Rock jumping at its finest.  After swimming for a while, we headed back through the town to grab some supplies and a beer and planned to head on in the last of the light.

The bar we stopped at was pretty happening as today was THE day of the revolution celebration, September 15th and the patrons, including the bartender, were all pretty intoxicated.  We had our beer, were offered another compliments of the bartender and then fell for the pleading “one more beer, one more beer”.  One more beer turned into a lot more beer and before the night was through, both  Kurt and I would find ourselves having sung karaoke to a very enthusiastic, pleading crowd.  Our next days ride was a short one, a mere 14km hill climb to Xilitla, which our hangovers eventually allowed us to complete.  Great times ringing in the revolution small town style.


El Nacemiento...

Celebrating Spaniard free existences...

If you go to bed drunk, sometimes you wake up with your stuff covered in ants, that's just the way it goes...

We ran into a mountain bike club from Mexico City who were out riding in the hills for the weekend, always an exciting endeavor...

As we wound up towards Xilitla, we started to see tiny staircase after tiny staircase leading enchantingly up the hill...



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