October 7, 2010

Most people know only of Xilitla (pronounced he-leet-la) as the town closest to Las Pozas, the surrealist sculpture garden nestled in the jungle, but we found Xilitla had all of its own charm and glory.  We arrived on the last day of the weekend long festivities and were just in time for the race through town.  The cobblestone streets twist beautifully up along the hill the town is built on and noticeably absent was the overwhelming feel of Spanish influence.  There was the usual market, plaza and church, but the north end of town was pleasantly jam-packed with Mexican liveliness and just regular old street sales, services and neighborhoods.  Having found a spot to call home in the woods nearby, we let ourselves settle into Xilitla for the next two days, before continuing on through the Huasteca region.


Racers took to the streets as the last event of Xilitla's four-day bicentennial celebration. We happened to glance the program posted on a street corner and we were a little bummed to find out we had missed the tricycle race earlier...

Ringing in the revolution...

Pedal powered grinder, found in the church entrance...

Tucked up in the mountains of the Huasteca, this is one of Xilitla's ride-able streets. Some are only a collection of steep, sloping cobblestone steps...



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