These Guatemalan days…

April 3, 2011

After our introduction to Guatemala via Flores and the surrounding towns, we set off in a southerly direction, heading towards the towns of La Libertad and Sayaxuhe and what looked to be some long lusted after mountainous ranges.

I will add that we were now down to viewing the last two pages of our trusted Mexico Guia Roji map, which luckily had also contained maps for both Belize and Guatemala.  The pages are dog-eared and worn, but only the back cover is threatening to expel itself, proving it to be one of the most useful and durable atlases I’ve seen.

We gathered our first real impressions of Guatemala on these days, camping in cornfields and riding alongside the mass movements heading to Sunday church, where an almost circus-like tune was sure to be found thundering from the open doors and windows.  The children took great pleasure in pointing out the fact that we were riding by, shouting at every opportunity “Gringo! Gringo! Gringo!”  This was usually followed by some seriously enthusiastic waving.  Goods were a bit cheaper than we had seen on the trip so far (as we expected) and the purchases of ice pops, fruit and water helped keep the heat at bay.

Man it seemed hot!  To be expected I know, having not too long ago come from a place that unless you were moving around vigorously outside, it was best not to stay out for fear of frozen limbs.  The opposite is occurring here.  The sun has got you up and on your toes by 6, 7am at the latest, and usually by 10 I, for one, am soaked almost completely through with sweat and able to brush salt crystals off my arms.  The sun and the heat just envelope you, seemingly reminding you every kilometer that you are indeed heading south.


These cheap bags of water amount to an awful amount of plastic consumption. On the plus side, they are found cold (sometimes nearly frozen) in almost every market we pass...

One may think "why not just build a bridge?" Valid. However, we get to ride over bridges all the time. We enjoy these occasional extremely short distance water taxiing...

5 quetzal (about 75 cent US) plate of chicken, rice and tortillas. Fuel for the body found at a truck stop junction...

He obviously wanted some too...



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