I have always loved traveling, exploring, meeting new people and most of all, being outside.  I had ridden a bike growing up in the great state of New Jersey and spent some time commuting and mountain biking while living in Arizona, but it wasn’t until I moved to California that biking completely took hold of me and I found myself spending most of my free time out and riding around.  It was in Oakland that I was first introduced to the idea of bike touring.  It started with a few weekend trips and then lengthened to some week long adventures.  When Kurt first asked if I’d like to join him for some of the grand world wide tour he’d been planning, I thought about if for about…3 days, before giving a definitive YES!  I planned to meet him somewhere along the way in South America and started to save up my pennies, gather some gear and spend as much time with family and friends as possible.

The plans of meeting up so far south lasted only so long.  The more I thought about it and the more I researched routes and countries, the more I began to fully grasp the possibility of it all.  Patagonia, the Himalayas, India, Vietnam….all of the places I wanted to go so badly started to brew in my mind.  I also couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to leave for such an adventure right from my doorstep in Oakland.  From here the revised plan was hatched that Kurt, who had already set out riding the Continental Divide Mountain Bike Route, would hold up a bit and wait for me while I got my things together.  I left Oakland late May 2010 and Kurt and I met up in Arizona before continuing on down the dusty path together.

The idea, more or less, is to cycle around the world.  We have allotted a good chunk of time to do so, planning on stopping along the way to volunteer and work when needed.  We are self-funded and travel self-supported.

I thank you very much for taking an interest in our stories and photos!

Please feel free to contact me at kellymariedonlan@yahoo.com

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Kurt said

    I think you Kick Ass! but I’m not sure.. there is no info on the subject

  2. hector said

    hi animo¡¡¡¡¡¡

  3. hector said

    come to aguascalientes

  4. Michael or Mike? said

    Hallo Dear Kelly, I was the Englishman walking along the beach in Porto Morelo and saw your encampment, I wandered over and had a little chat with you and Kurt, and you told me of your coming journey. Thank you for your web pages, I will drop in now and again to check you are both kepping well.
    Love and best wishes to you both, Mike T.

    • kellymariedonlan said

      hallo mike, thanks for tracking us down. it was great to meet you and i hope your travels back to england went smoothly. enjoy the 2011 year!

  5. Kelly Belly,

    I miss you and I am so excited that you are doing great on your travel (Guatemala! so jealous!). You inspire me, but you already know that. I put you and some of your beautiful pictures on my blog, I hope this that is ok. Miss you lovely. And I hope you are doing great. 🙂 miss you!

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