A little over a week before blast off! Excitedly, I have my last day of work tomorrow and head to Portland right after. I am taking the train up there, a last little treat to watch the coast roll by. Vacations before vacations, it’s how we do. I will return on Monday, only to throw some stuff around the house I’ve been SO LUCKY!!! and extremely grateful to camp out at over these last few months. I will pack the belongings I would like to send back to NJ in my car, which my brother and his friend Jon will pick up and drive back…taking an aggressively planned two week adventure to do so. Well done boys. Then…then…then….oh my! Pedals southbound.

Bridgestone XO-2 meet other Bridgestone XO-2. Its amazing what you will find under some old black spray paint.

This day was just out of control. Man oh man do I love you kids so! And yes, swinging a hammer at a stump while slightly intoxicated is a great idea.

Just lovely.