This map is meant to show the route we’ve taken.  I’m getting better at keeping it updated, trying to relay the most accurate information as we go. The map does not always recognize all the tracks we choose, as many of them are off pavement and some not even roads at all.  To find our exact location on a given day, use the Spot page.

Also to note… I entered all of the data from California to Honduras quite after the fact so the roads represented in those sections are  not super accurate, though the general course of direction is.

If you like maps as much as we do, have fun zooming in and looking around!

One Response to “Route”

  1. kevin said

    Nuevo ideal, Durango i have visited several times and santiagillo is a wonderful lake. I love passing by it in the car where you can see the water so close to the road and all the trees and animals.

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