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Thanks to Jeff at Papa Wheelies in Durango, CO,  we carry a Spot Satellite GPS Messenger with us.  It’s main purpose is to be used in case of emergency situations, but with this handy device we can also update you on our current location.   Click here to read more. Clicking on the above link will bring you to our page, where we will try our best to keep updating our progress along the way.

2 Responses to “Spot”

  1. Genaro Meza said

    Hola Kelly. I’m the Mexican guy from the Bay Area you met in Piste. It was really good to meat you guys and know you were neighbors from Berkeley. Where you’re now? I’m in Peten, woow, what a place. Keep in touch.

    • kellymariedonlan said

      Hi Genaro… glad to know you’ve made it all the way to peten. i heard you met joaquin and marie in san cristobal, that’s great. kurt and i are still in new jersey at this point, but we’ll be heading out on march 8th, back to belize. tailwinds…

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