Kurt… for the inspiration you have given me and so many others to just get out there and absorb it all.  And for making me laugh so much I can hardly ride my bike in a straight line at times.

Mom… for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams, despite all the mom-worry that I know resides deep down in there.  AND for the great visit in Cancun!

Dad… for your instant interest and encouragement to take off and explore

Kev and Shane… for being the best brothers one girl could ever have.  Thanks to you, I find the humor in everything around me.

Helen and Yang… whom, despite their constant worrying, encouraged my travels by employing me for the year before departing.

Lauren and Dude… your friendship (and couch) was (and always will be) an extremely important and influential part in my life.

The Kales House- Jess, Andrew, Lauren and Dave… for letting me forget the big changes that were about to occur and simply eat, drink and crash all over your house and backyard in those last few months.  And a special thanks to Jess for riding with me all year and in those first few days.

Kev… there really are no words to even begin to express my gratitude towards you Kev.  There’s a big Kev sized hole in my heart that can only be filled with late night bike tinkering and beer drinking in the garage.  That first clipless ride up on Tunnel was the seed that started it all.

Jenny… no matter where I go, you are right there with me all the time.  Thanks for being one of the most understanding human beings I have ever met.

Will and Devon… first for your friendship, second for being inspirational fellow adventures and third for your product knowledge and constant (*essential) hookups.

Tuesday Night Dinner Girls- Mara, Alison, Kate, Michelle, Joanne, Amy, and Beth… I am so grateful of the time I got to spend with you girls before leaving.  All of your friendships are invaluable to me and I smile knowing it is all just a beginning.

Everyone else in Oakland and around… LIZA, VIVA, Jonathan, Chris and Ari, Young Joo, Sharon, Samm, Lily and Chris, Chris H, Hugbert, Jerika, Jeweler John, Taylor, Jessie, Ian W. and Erin, Toni and Jaime, Lauren’s Class and anyone I have temporarily blanked on while writing this

Jezra… for all the technical help with our little computadora

Tree Hugger Hammocks… for providing me with the best hammock in the industry

Craig in Yucca Valley… Thanks for pulling over for me and offering me your guest cabin in the middle of a hot, hot southern California day.

Craig in Sedona… Thanks for the little room behind the shop and it was great to run into you so many times in just those few days in the area.  Thanks also for continuously spreading the bike and coffee love.

Shark in Flagstaff… no matter where we travel and what we eat, your creations will remain some of the best we’ve ever had.  And thanks for being just a straight up great dude.

Forest Fire Crew on the Divide… great times and excellent lasagna for three hungry cyclists that descended upon you that night

Nita at the Toaster House in Pie Town… an angel on the divide for sure.  If everyone was as open and welcoming as you the world would most certainly be a better place.

Carina… for sending me the package of love in Pie Town and for being a force of good in general

William in Silver City… thanks for the awesome stay in your guest cottage and, even more, for the long philosophical morning conversations

Glen in Silver City… for the great ride out of Silver City and for your continual interest and friendship

Dave and Josh at Bike Works in Silver City… for letting us get some serious bike work done and more importantly, for having such a great space and operation for the community. All for bikes and bikes for all!

Tony in Nueva Casas Grandes… our first impromptu host in Mexico!  Thanks for all of your hospitality and the introduction to Pinole, Pinole, Pinole!

Spencer in Casas Grandes… for taking the time out of your day to welcome us and fill us with all sorts of interesting facts and history of the area

Luis in Urique… for your help and translations during the old-bolsa-in-young-hands fiasco

Angel in Casas Blancas… for the overwhelming hospitality that found us hanging around a mining camp for all of two days

Fidel and Juanita in Canatlan… for opening your home to us and feeding us to the max

Ernesto and Crew in Zacatecas… for taking me out and showing me all the night life the city had to offer at the time

Jorge and Felicitas in San Diego… for letting us camp on your lawn next to the beautiful cane fields

Rancher outside Xilitla… who without the blink of an eye opened up his guest shed to us when we rolled up soaking wet late at night looking for a place to camp

Marie and Duncan in Ajijic… for returning to the plaza and bringing us back to your beautiful home.  And for the quinoa, such a treat!

Bob and Soledad in San Cristobal, aside Lake Chapala… for the hospitality, wine, beer, chicken, and new knowledge about worm farming

Fausto in Morelia… thanks for the awesome terrace camp spot and for making us feel so at home in Morelia.  You made it hard to leave!

Andy and Duck… thanks for sharing your backyard camp spot with us and for hanging out and filling me in on some important Mexico details.  And… the chocolate cake!

Roberto Loco… after our “serendipitous” meeting on the streets of Oaxaca, thanks for the great evening of company, food and drink.

Jenni in Oaxaca… your fluency in four different languages is awesomely inspiring.  Thanks again for letting us crash in your backyard and we look forward to seeing you down the road very much.

Wolf and Javier… great first experience with getting to ride with others for a few days!  You two were all too kind with hooking us up and helping us out any way you could, in the true bike community way.  Thanks Wolf for the essential hub charging piece.  Our batteries will love you a long time!

Joaquin and Marie at El Hostelito in San Cristobal de las Casas you helped San Cristobal skyrocket into one of my most favorite places in Mexico thus far.  Your hospitality was incredible and I consider you dear friends I look forward to seeing you again.

Cihan in San Cristobal… for letting us spread out in your back room, escaping the rainy days and gathering our things and thoughts for the Chiapas exploration.  I greatly enjoyed the day we spent visiting the museums together as well.

Tom in San Cristobal… that ride and those trails was KILLER.  Thank you for the day out and all of the useful information you shared about Chiapas and Belize.  We’ll be sure to get you a photo from the “sunny spot for shady people.”

Gaspar and Michael in Cancun… for opening your apartment to us for the days we gathered (and discarded) our belongings for our (attempted) Carribean island adventure.  Your full house was such a great place to stay and kick it for a few days.  You two are real gems.

Jamie in Sarteneja… you and your family truly embody all that we have come to know as the wonderful and kind beauty of Belize.  Thank you for everything; including, but not limited to, the backyard camp spot, the homemade crab dumplings and the walking history of your beloved town.

Everyone in Belize who helped Kurt and I get home on the day of January 20th, many whose names I never even learned, I am forever grateful.

26 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Lily Russo said

    I lovvvvveee ewe!!!!!
    i read deborahs blog on you, so sweet! sounds like you are already meeting lots of amazing people and having an incredible adventure! yeayyyy!!! me and Chris are flying to Singapore October 3rd to begin ours! yippeeee! say his to Kurt from both of us! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. glenn theron said

    Howdy Kelly and Curt,
    So good to see your posting! A bit concerned after nearly two weeks. Life in SC… William is in Colorado this week. I’m in the library sorting books. Some good rain storms the past few days. There is a fellow passing through heading to Antelope Wells and I showed him your site and what he has to look forward to re road conditions.
    Ok, take care and I’ll be in touch.


    • kellymariedonlan said

      Glen! Thanks for following the blog and I hope you weren’t too worried. Seems monsoons are the canyon’s own way of fighting for a technological-free world, hence internet has been extremely spotty. Be sure to check the Silver City posting again once I update it, because I plan to include the great picture of you and your bike. We both really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to keeping in touch. Take care and say hello to William and Angel for us! -Kelly and Kurt

  3. glenn theron said

    Hi Kelly and Curt,
    Just wonderful photos and text! Funny that you mentioned the 3.6 degrees change in temp With 1K foot elevation variation. That fact came up this morning in a conversation I had with a fellow while driving him to a medical appt in Las Cruces. Coupled with last weeks journey to El Paso, I have had enough driving to fill my quota for the decade. Motor vehicles suck!!
    Ok, off the soapbox.

  4. Scott Goodyear said

    Hi Kelly,

    What an amazing adventure! Your words and pictures provide a nice break from the fish business. My younger daughter, Kristen, and I just finished up our softball season in the UGALS league – something your dad tells me you know a little bit about.


    Scott Goodyear

    • kellymariedonlan said

      Hi Scott! Thanks for following along. Indeed it has been a great adventure so far. It’s funny you mention UGALS too because as I’ve been traveling a lot through the hot desert along my way, it has yet to compare to the heat us girls were subject to with those back to back (and sometimes a 3rd back!) softball games and tournaments we used to play in on sweltering NJ Saturdays. They certainly prepared me for something I would never have expected. Hope you and the family are enjoying your summers and thanks again for the comment.

  5. Glenn Theron said

    Hi Kelly and Curt,
    Greetings from SC. Are you still around Cobre Canon? Off for a ride…



    Hi Kelly & Curt…

    Just wanted to thank you for all the beautiful pictures…I feel like I’m there too!! You definately need to write a book, you really have a way with words..

    I look forward to your next bog…Take care & be careful!! That’s the mother in me telling you that!! LOL

  7. matt said

    awesome pics and tales, kelly! i can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to get all that content uploaded.

    very inspiring! keep on rolling! hi to kurt, too!


    • kellymariedonlan said

      pretty effin exhausting, but worth it knowing adventurers like you check it out. a little bird told me you may head in this direction yourself. would be great to meet and ride together. kurt says hola as well… kelly

  8. Glenn Theron said

    Hi Curt and Kelly,
    !!! I rolled out of SC, last evening and am currently in Deming. Heading for Albuquerque, then east to Tucumcari and Dalhart, Tx. The latter town is for a rendezvous with an old friend motorcycle/biking buddy. He’s a velonews/Riv bike journalist named Maynard Hershon. Check out his blog.

    Take care and continue to enjoy. Will says hi…


  9. Glenn Theron said

    Hi Kurt and Kelly,
    I think Hunter S. Thompson also would have been amused by the trekkers in the jungle at midnight…Anyway, I’m in T or C, NM about to head up Emory Pass(8200+) elevation. Hope to be back in Silver tomorrow. Matthew Lee of GDMBR fame will be in town on Saturday hosting a film/ q&a session. Great pictures and narrative…


    • kellymariedonlan said

      That all sounds great Glen! Happy riding and keep your eyes peeled for some snail mail!

      • Glenn Theron said

        Hi Kelly,
        Thanks for reply. Looking forward to mail. I arrived back in SC late Thursday evening. Emery Pass wasn’t so much difficult as just loooong. Extra o’s intentional. Anyway, next expedition is in planning stages. Also considering getting a recumbent. Greenspeed trike? Want to continue long tours, but riding a conventional bike = pain in neck. Especially in drops while wearing helmet.

  10. Angelica said

    Heyyy i m glad to know about you. i m really happy to see your pictures, you know the meaning of freedom. you know how enjoy the life’s details. write me please, i m going to San francisco, in 19 day more. so i wonder how i can rent this kind of boats instead a hotel. thannkeee,a biggg hug for you, i hope see you again.

    • kellymariedonlan said

      hey angelica! so happy to have met you too! i just sent you an email with information about the San Francisco area….

  11. Glenn Theron said

    Hi Kelly and Kurt,
    Just got your missive from Morelia. Thanks much. Dengue fever! A lucky woman. There have been articles in recent days about a former world champion surfer who contracted that while in Portugal at a meet. He then went on to Puerto Rico to compete, but withdrew due to his illness, then, apparently without consulting a doctor, left there to return to Hawaii, with a layover in Houston. The hotel staff found him deceased the next morning.
    Safe and happy pedaling.

  12. patti said

    Hello dear travelers!!
    What a beautiful gift you have created for yourselves!
    You are the heros and heroines!!
    We of course will miss you at Thanksgiving but will also give thanks for having you in our lives
    Be safe

  13. Glenn Theron said

    Hi Kurt and Kelly,
    Greetings from the Bike Dude…Thanks much for the Xmas card from Oaxaca. I ordered a Riv Hunqapillar earlier this week and am hoping to have it by mid/late January. There is no such category as too many bicycles! I’ll be looking at the Adventure Cycling Site for your submission.


  14. Glenn said

    Hi Kelly and Kurt,
    The glass balls were a common sight on the beaches of Midway Island. Flotation devices for nets used by Japanese fishermen. Some were nearly as large as basketballs.

    • kellymariedonlan said

      what?¡¡ really? that is amazing to me. i didnt actually see any while swimming so i never assumed that they could float. their thin shell makes me think that they were too fragile to keep anything afloat, but i guess it is possible. i wish i saw one as large as a basketball. hope your well and we both wish you a happy 2011.

  15. glenn said

    Hi Kurt and Kelly,
    thanks for posting. in your spare time check out the wikipedia entry for japanese fishing floats… Where are you?


  16. Glenn said

    Dear Kelly and Kurt,
    Greetings from Albuquerque. Came up yesterday to see VA doctors. Don’t put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow… New bike is coming together albeit slowly. Doqwn the road.


  17. Debi said

    Hi Keldon…hugging you was the best thing ever…can’t wait to follow your trip…and to someday meet Kurt, the mad sewer! Holding onto Shane in my heart…I know he’s traveling with you! Love you, kiddo…mrs.r

  18. Glenn Theron said

    Hi Kelly and Kurt,
    A fellow just came through town doing a circumnavigation of U.S. Stayed with Will for a few days before heading west. Hey, what are 40mph headwinds? Ha…He just finished a two year kayaking journey before starting on this jaunt on a Salsa Fargo. Glenn Charles by name with a very nice website.

    Take care and be safe.

    Hunqapillar should arrive this coming Monday.


  19. jezra said

    You are very welcome

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