Hello all!  Welcome to my blog.  I will be posting pictures and stories from my trip here in attempt to share as much of it with everyone that I can.  Lots of things are a’ foot and I am very happy to report that as the weeks wind down I feel pretty calm and prepared for the known and unknown.  Not to say there have not been a lot of times this year I was most thankful not to be bound together with twine, as I would have surely burst open from the anticipation and excitement of it all.  For the most part, I have tackled all of the big projects of preparation and acquisition that I had put on my “list”.  Now I am focusing on spending as much time divulging in shenanigans as I can and trying to stay out of trouble with friends.  Here are a few recent bike/trip related pictures to enjoy.

A slow buffalo riding a purple bike... Drawn especially for me by my wonderful and very talented friend, Lily Russo. Click the buffalero for more Lily goodness. Thanks Lily!

An amazing cake made by my co-worker Maria. Notice the bike and girl with short hair on the back. Big thanks to Maria's daughter, Sophia, for letting her mom use her trinkets on the cake. They were obviously my favorite part! Maria is a cake wizard and has made many, many both beautiful and delicious treats. This one specifically was made with yellow cake, peaches, whipped cream and caramel. Everything is homemade too. Mmmmmmmmmm

I've been pushing off all necessary projects of preparation for more important things....like making earrings out of recycled bike tubes. One tube will make about 80 pairs. After cutting them to size, I spray paint them and poke them with ear wires. Super fun.

The mating game.