Chichen Itza…

January 6, 2011

Recently crowned as one of the “new seven wonders of the world,” a visit to Chichen Itza proves to be a theme park-like experience… just without the rides and games (unless you make your own, of course).  Throngs of people exit from tour buses throughout the day to stroll around on the grounds and catch a glimpse of the very impressive structures.  This is the site most well-known for its Mayan calendars, found in the buildings and columnar layouts around the site.

All pathways are lined with locals selling the usual Mayan fare.  Handmade (mostly) wooden and stone carvings, painted ceramic bowls, hammocks, t-shirts, statues and figurines fill your vision as you make your way from ruin to ruin.

In an effort to save a couple pesos (and the boredom that can often accompany visits to these piles of rocks), I was designated explorer and photographer.  The entrance fee is a cringeworthy 160 pesos and after I perused the area, I was very pleased at our decision to only pay for one ticket.    I arrived early in the day and traversed the organized walkways, making note of the massive buildings.

This is the attention grabber as you enter into Chichen Itza. Besides for being an impressive work of architecture, El Castillo is also a massive Mayan calendar. Click here to read more...

The observatory, El Caracol, in which windows of the dome align with certain stars throughout the year, working to allow priests to plan rituals and celebrations accordingly...

Chichen Itza is definitely the most renovated all of the ancient Mayan establishments...

Numerous chambers are found within these structures with hieroglyphics sketched inside, some which have yet to even be translated...

Jose, one of the stone carvers working within the grounds...

Many time temples grace the grounds, seeing an influx in visitors during the equinoxes...

And again, the columns... letting me know it's about time to find Kurt and head on down the road...


4 Responses to “Chichen Itza…”

  1. Ed B said

    Great pictures ….
    “Chichen Itza is definitely the most renovated all of the ancient Mayan establishments…”
    I hope you make it to Uxmal someday .. you’ll find there a very large Mayan city that has probably as many renovated buildings as Chichen Itza. My wife and I were captivated by it several years ago.

  2. hector said

    hola amigos¡¡¡ me encuentro facinado con su recorrido en mi tierra Mexico son mis ejemplos a seguir quiero preguntarles unas simples preguntas como le hacen para conseguir comida, entrar a lugares restringidos, y en el caso de tu mujer como le hace cuando esta en su periodo tiene algunas molestias? agradeceria mucho tu respuesta y decearles feliz año nuevo y los sigo cada publicacion que hacen ahh buenas fotos thanks atte Hector

    • kellymariedonlan said

      hola hector. gracias por seguir adelante y Feliz Año Nuevo a usted! nos casi hacen con nuestros recorridos y título de México hacia America Central. hemos tenido una hora tan maravillosa y hemos sido tratados tan bien por cada uno que hemos resuelto. incluso durante una mujer, yo no ha tenido no problema el viajar a través de su país. recuerdos a usted en 2011

  3. hector said

    thanks kelly and happy year

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